Custom List

Custom list icon

The Custom List is widely used and allows the user to categorise sections of information. It works in a similar way to the Custom Page, where you can add text boxes and links, but you can add individual pages in list form.


Building the Custom List

When you add a Custom List, you have a number of options to start adding the content.

Custom list

  1. Group – choose to create a group
  2. Page – choose to create a page
  3. Enable search – select to enable search in the menu by text (titles) or added tags


Create a Group

If you want to group the pages in your Custom List together, you can select to create a Group. For example, if you wanted to create a page called “What’s Near Us”, you may want to create Groups called “Eating & Drinking”, “Local Shopping” & “Local Attractions”.

Within these Groups, you can then add Pages for each of the items listed.

To start, click to add a Group, then add a title.

Custom list group

You can add as many Groups as you need to.

Custom list - multiple groups

  1. Add Page – click here to add a page to the group.
  2. Trash – click to delete Group


Create a Page

You can add a page by either selecting the Add Page button at the top, or add directly to a Group as above.

Custom list - create page

Once you’ve added a Page, you can add a page title, page subtitle and add any keywords if you have enabled the “Tags” checkbox at the top of the page.

You can also add an image – the minimum size for this is 80x80 pixels.

Custom list - add image

You can also assign it to a pre-existing Group here too by selecting from the drop down, or it can sit outside of a group.

If you choose to add it to a group, you will see it nested in the Group.

Again, you can add as any Pages as you need!

Custom list 6

You’ll see it has also updated on the preview screen too.

You can view the content of the Group or the Page by clicking the Arrows on the top right of the page. And you can edit the Page itself by clicking the Pencil icon.

Once you come to edit the Page, you’ll see that it is the same as the Custom Page.


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