Custom Page


The Custom page is the most widely used and versatile page on the app builder.

It offers the flexibility of adding:

  • Text Boxes
  • Phone Links
  • Email Links
  • URL Webpage Links
  • Attach PDFs
  • Add Location Buttons
  • Add Images
  • Add Videos

Building the Custom Page

When you add a Custom Page, you have a number of options to start building the content.

Custom page overview

  1. Text Box – click to add text to your page
  2. Phone – allows you to have a link to a phone number
  3. Email – creates a link to send an email
  4. Link – adds a URL link for a website
  5. Attachment – attach a PDF document to the page
  6. Location – create a location pin to Google Maps and list address
  7. Single Image – add a single image to the page
  8. Gallery – add multiple thumbnail images to the page
  9. Slider Gallery – add multiple sliding images
  10. Video – embed an uploaded video or linked from a website

Next up is Custom List!