Getting Started - An Overview

Getting Started – what do you need to build your app?

Building an app might seem like a massive task but it is actually easier than it looks like. However, we do have some recommendations on what to do before building your app so you will not have to make changes too often.


Single location or multiple properties?

The first thing to consider will be whether you want an individual app, a group app or a letting agent app. The difference is very simple:

An individual app is our regular type of app. It works best for a single property or location. It will have your location’s branding and content.


A group app is one main app containing multiple apps. Basically, if you have several properties or locations, you can create a group app and add each of your properties as an app within this main app. This way, you can manage all your properties and you will not have to publish multiple apps if you have multiple locations.

In short, a group app contains multiple individual apps. A group app is especially useful if you have several locations, but it can also be used in other creative ways, for example if you have a resort and want dedicated sections (one for the SPA, one for the tennis courts etc.)


A letting agent app is similar to the group app where you have one app containing multiple properties, but they are only accessible via a code. You can create the main app with your branding, a contact & about us section, and then users would be able to enter a code to access each individual property.



Gather your assets

You will need your resources to add content in your app and design it. Before starting building the app, we recommend you have the following elements with you:

  • Brand colour palette (pantone colours) – this will help you make your app consistent with your brand. If you do not have this information, you might want to get in touch with your designer.
  • Logo and image files in high resolution
  • Guest directory – bonus points if you have a digital version, it will make it easier to add some of the content in your app



Consider your app’s content structure

Now that you have gathered your assets, it is time to think about what your app will look like. You have to think about what type of content and functionalities you want in there and in which order they will appear. You might also want to think about the size of your app – do you want a lot of features for more content or less for easier navigation?

We suggest making a list of the sections you want in your app and then consider their importance. What, in your opinion and from your experience, will be the first elements your guests will want to know? Is it the Wi-Fi password, the contact info with instructions on how to get there, is it your recommendations or how-to guides?

Basically, ask yourself what you want your app to be for your guests. You will see in the examples below that there are a lot of common features between these apps. That does not mean you need to add the same type of content. It is more about how you envision your app, what content do you know your guests want and need?

Here are a few examples from some of our customers:

The Knight Residence

  • Guest Information
  • Wifi Password
  • How-to guide
  • Great things to do
  • Food and Drink
  • Booking
  • Emergency services
  • Weather
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Feedback



  • Welcome
  • Find us
  • Weather
  • Dining
  • ASPA
  • Leisure
  • Room Info
  • Travel
  • Accessibility
  • Attractions
  • Walking
  • Appliances
  • Booking
  • Offers
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Gallery
  • Messages (Push notifications)
  • Emergency


The Scotsman Hotel

  • Welcome
  • Guest Info
  • Wifi Password
  • Food and Drink
  • Attractions
  • What’s On
  • Weather
  • Emergency services
  • World News
  • Social Media
  • Hotel News
  • TripAdvisor Review
  • Book direct
  • Late check-out
  • Travel
  • Car Parking
  • Find Us
  • Contact Us
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Hotel website
  • Push notifications

Of course, this is just a draft phase, you will likely change your mind about some elements while you are building the app, but it is a good exercise that will allow you to build your app with a clear idea of what you want it to be!


In the next article, we'll be guiding you through the dashboard and showing you some of the different features.