Getting Started - The Dashboard

Adding Content – How to add valuable content and functionalities

Now that you have everything you need, it is time to start building your app! The first steps will be to choose your type of app (group or individual) and to add your content. Of course, you can do the design first if you want to. However, we recommend starting with the content. It will be the most important part and having your content finished will actually help you doing the design later on.



Welcome to the Criton Dashboard!

The Criton Dashboard is where you create your app! It also acts as the base for your account and where you can access support.

See below for a rundown of the features.

  1. Criton Link – click to get back to this dashboard
  2. Home Button – another way to link back to this page
  3. Tutorial Videos – this will take you to our helpful video bank
  4. My Account – access all of your account details
  5. Log Out – log out of your Criton Dashboard
  6. YouTube – another way to access all of our tutorial videos
  7. Create app – select this to start creating a single app
  8. Create group app – click here to create a group app
  9. Search – if you have multiple apps, you can search through them here
  10. Live Chat – click for Live support!


Click to Create - Individual App vs Group App

As mentioned in our first section, you can decide to create an individual app (ideal for a single property or location) or a group app (ideal for multiple properties and locations).


In the next article we'll show you more information about what happens when you click Create App!