Group App - Categories & Properties

Adding a Property



A property is the link to your single app. On the Group App it will be displayed in a list on the main home page, as well as under the Properties header. You can also add an image on this page of the dashboard as well as the location information, so it can be displayed on the map.


To get started, click the Property button.


Then enter your property name in the box and click enter. This will open up the drop-down box where you can add a property image and location details.


You can find the Latitude and Longitude for your property by searching online with your address.


You’ll see too that this property is now listed on the preview screen, under the Properties header on the menu bar.


When you’re finished adding information, click “Edit Property” to be taken to the Single App dashboard to start adding features to your property!


You can add as many Properties as you need to and they will all be listed on the main Homepage when you log onto the app, along with the Properties page on the menu.


From this page you can also click the map icon in the bottom right corner to view your properties on a map.


These pins represent each property you have added, and are clickable to give you a link to the property, as well as directions to get to it, with different transit options (the menu on the left hand side)


Adding a Category


Once you’ve added a few individual Properties, you can group them into Categories. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple Properties in different locations or different types of properties.


To do this, first add a Category. A larger, grey box will appear asking you to add a Category Title.


Once you have given your Category a title and created as many others as you need, you have two options to add Properties to them.


You can either create a new Property within it by clicking the add button:


Or you can assign a Property to a Category. To do this, click the arrow to open to Property information up, and select the category from the drop down list.


It’ll then be moved from the Property list and be nested into the Category itself.


Once you have moved across your Properties into Categories, you’ll see that they now sit in a list in the app on the preview phone.


You can reassign to different Categories using the same dropdown menu as above, or choose to have certain Properties not in a Category buy selecting “No Category”.