Group App Sign In

The Home / Sign In page lets you choose the type of Group app you want as well as pick the layout and choose colours.


The first section is Home or Sign In.


These options dictate the layout of your app – whether it is a Group app or a Sign In app.


Sign In App


A Sign In app has a different home-screen, where a user is required to enter an access code to view an individual Property.  The user still has access to the About & Contact pages but cannot view any other properties.



If you select this option, the screen has two separate options under the Sign-In header, Background and Logo.


Background is split into two sections. The first half allows you to either add an image to the background of the home screen, or change the colour of it.


To add an image, click the box and select from your file. The recommended image size is 1242 x 2208 pixels.

To add a background colour, click the box and select the colour you want to use from the palate or add using the RGBA code.


Add effects on the other side of the page allows you to add a colour layer over the background of your app.


Clicking the box opens up the same colour palate option for you to pick from, and choose the transparency from the slider below.


The other tab is Logo. This allows you to add your logo to your app which will sit above the Access Code request.