Locking Content

The padlock function allows you “lock” certain pages in your app, meaning they’re only accessible to select users. If you want to add this page you’ll need to wait until you have added all the other pages you need first.

When you’re ready, start by clicking the page to add to your app.

There are a number of options on this page, including:

  1. Entity Name – for GDPR compliancy, you’ll need to add your legal company name here for when a user registers an account with the app (we’ll go into this in more detail later)
  2. Unlock by – users have the option to unlock the sections in their app using either a QRCode which you have set up, or by registering an account on the app
  3. “Allow all the users by default” – selecting “yes” means that the locked pages will be unlocked once a user signs up. To restrict this and only allow selected accounts to unlock pages (again, this will be explained later), click no.
  4. “Lock the entire application” – means that all the pages on your app will be locked until a user signs up

Select the options you need then and the features you want to lock, and press “Save”.

You’ll notice that you now have a new icon in your page list called “My Account”:

It is automatically added once the Padlock feature is enabled, and when a user is on the app but not logged in, they will see it listed rather than the locked pages. They can then click on the “My Account” page on the app and either sign up or sign in. They will stay logged is until they choose to log out.

  1. Shows the users phone with the features locked
  2. When a user clicks on the padlock
  3. The login screen, with the create an account option
  4. The create an account screen
  5. The users phone with the features unlocked

Managing Users

There are two ways to add users to your app. The first is as above – the user signs up via the app. The second is to manually add them via the CMS, where you can also see all the customers that have signed up & manage their access.

User List

  1. User List – click to access list page
  2. + Add – to add new users
  3. Edit/Delete – click the pencil icon to edit the details and the “x” to delete the user completely

To access the User List click on the icon (1). The list opens and shows you all the current users with access to the padlocked areas on the app.

This list is combined of signups via the app and manually added via this screen, and shows the email address, name, creation date and contact agreement response.

From this page you can delete and edit the user information.

To add a new user, click “+ Add” (2).

Then fill in the required boxes on the form for the customer information. Select too whether the users detail is visible in the list on the main User page, and click to allow user access to the padlocked pages.

Save this page and the user will now appear in the User list.

You can also edit current users on the list by clicking the pencil icon (3).

This allows you to edit the user details, update passwords and disable their access to the padlocked features. These changes are made live so when you click “Save’ the edits will take effect immediately.


The last article in this section is about adding Image Pages & Instagram.