Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way of connecting with your guests, and sending through important messages such as updates and offers.

They’re simple to set up and you can schedule messages to be sent out in the future.

To get started, click the red “Create new notification” button.

First of all, add a Title to your message. For example, if you wanted to tell users about a discount at your restaurant, you might want to say “Exclusive Guest Offer!”

Next add text to the message itself. This is where you can describe the offer in a little more detail, and tempt users to click the message!

At this point you can choose to add an image. It will be displayed in the Notification along with your message.

You can also add a link in the message too. For example, a link to a page on the app (maybe a page with your food menus) or a link to a website (your booking engine for example).

Finally you can decide when and how often this message is sent out.

You can choose to send it once, every week or every month. You can also decide whether you want it sent out immediately or a set time and date.

Once you are happy with your message click “Save & Send”. If you have chosen for your Notification to be sent out Now, then it will be sent out straight away.

You can also select “View Notification List”. Don’t worry if you have started a message and you click this button, you have the option to “Go Back”, “Continue without Saving” or “Save & Send” at this point too.

Your Notification List will show all of your future Scheduled notifications, as well as already Delivered ones.

Messages sent out will also be stored on this page within the users app.